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Untangle was born from a dream to offer psychotherapy services that is welcoming, empowering and based in genuine client-therapist relationship. Located inside a cozy co-working space, we have carefully chosen our center to ensure it gives you a relaxed yet  professional vibe. You can make yourself comfortable before the session and collect your thoughts over a cup of your favorite beverage. In here, we offer you the best of both worlds – an empathetic listening ear along with the expertise of professional opinion.

Due to covid-19, we are unable to offer sessions at our center. All appointments have been indefinately shifted to an online mode.




Meet the Team


Chaitra Mahesh – Founder, Psychotherapist


Chaitra holds an M.Sc in Psychological Counselling (2012) from Montfort College and a Diploma in Counselling Skills from Banjara Academy (2009). She has 9 + years of experience in the field of Mental Health.


After completing her Masters Degree she joined an MNC and worked there for 5 years across various roles, gaining experience in Counselling, Consulting and Training. As a manager for the India Hotline Operations, which also doubled as a support line for Suicidal Callers, she is adept at identifying, stabilizing clients who could be at a risk for suicide or self-harm.

She started Untangle in 2017 and has worked with hundreds of clients since, helping them with their Mental Health and Personal Development. 


Client’s vouch  for her patience, keen listening skills and ability to make them feel warm and comfortable in the sessions.


Consulting languages – English and Kannada 

Shruti Sapre – Psychotherapist


Shruti holds an M.Sc in Applied Psychology (2011) & a Certificate in Counselling from Christ University. She is  a Certified Business Leadership Coach,  Wellness Coach and an experienced couple’s counsellor. 

She has worked for 15+ years in the field of mental health. Has over 300+ Training hours & 5000+ Counselling hours to her credit, most of them in consulting with employees of top MNCs across India. She has experience as a Couple’s Therapist, POSH Trainer, Corporate Consultant, L&D  Trainer, Student Counsellor and Pranic Healer.

At Untangle, she offers Individual and Couple Counselling, Faciliates Trainings and leads our Mindfulness sessions.  


Shruti is a seasoned meditator and an enthusiatic learner (M.Phil and Triple Masters Degree!) She radiates calm, and brings her wisdom and rich experiences to the session.


She is adept in handling all types of concerns, though considers the following as her specialization – Marriage/Couple’s Therapy, Parenting Sessions, Relationship Concerns, Lifestyle Modification, Wellness coaching, Emotional health. 


Consulting Languages – English, Hindi and Marathi

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Our Working Style


Here’s how we help you untangle…

What is our approach to Psychotherapy?

We believe that therapy has to be tailored to meet the requirements of the client. Though we lean towards a non-clinical and positive psychology approach, we do not shy away from recommending a clinical intervention if we assess it’s requirement for the client’s progress.

What type of therapy do we practice?

We follow the eclectic model of counselling. This means that we combine the best tools and techniques from various therapies to create a customized plan for your needs. The therapies we borrow from are – Person-Centered Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, REBT, SFBT & ACT. We prefer this model to a single-therapy approach.

What is the essence of each type of therapy?

Below is a quick brief of each of the therapies we follow –


Person- Centered Therapy – We help the client to tap into their own innate potential to heal and grow by creating a supportive environment of genuineness, empathy & unconditional positive regard.


Mindfulness – Mindfulness is the art of living with awareness by purposely focusing your attention on the present moment, and accepting it without judgment. This is a popular and scientific tool which has many proven benefits.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Probably the most well-know type of psychotherapy, it helps you understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings & behavior and how changing one can influence the others. Also helps you identify & overcome unhelpful thinking patterns.


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Emphasizes the development of rational thinking and healthy beliefs for healthy emotional expression and behavior.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) – Quick form of therapy that skips analyzing problems and past life events. It instead concentrates on finding solutions in the present time to find quicker resolution of one’s problems


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) – A newer form of CBT that also integrates mindfulness.


How do we prioritize our clients?

The most important offering a therapist makes to their client is their full attention. And it is not humanly possible to offer this if your therapist has been in back to back sessions the whole day. We therefore have a strict policy of seeing only 5 clients per day. This way we are fresh and fully available to our last client as much as we are to our first. We also prioritize our own self care, so that we avoid burn-out, and stay with you as co-passengers in this journey of self development

Which ethical guidelines do we follow?

We follow the Ethical Framework for Counselling Professionals – 2018 as prescribed by BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

How do we solve your problem?

We do not solve your problem. That is your job to do.


However, we do help you to –


Identify your blind spots

Gain clarity of thought

Offer you a safe space to express your emotions

Teach you coping skills

Enable you to view your problem from a different perspective

Form goals and move towards them

Break or create habits

Get unstuck

Overcome unhelpful thinking patterns


and this will eventually help YOU solve your problems by yourself.



What are somethings a client cannot expect from us?

Do not expect any ‘quick fix’, ‘instant solution’ or ‘magical advice’ that will make your problem disappear or give you immediate relief from pain or hurt. We also do not give lectures, tell you what is right/wrong or tell you what decisions to take with your life.

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