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Hi, my name is Chaitra and I am the founder of Untangle. As people, we tend to lose track of our own strengths in a world that’s constantly challenging us. At Untangle, we do simple things well. We help you smoothen the crinks in your life. We do not read minds, make magic or promise to transform your life overnight. Instead, we take small, steady steps with you and stand by you, as you rediscover your life and begin to find your own self again. 

Are you ready? Because we are.  

What’s on Your Mind?

Individual Therapy

Have a chat with your therapist, in a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental space

Work with us here

  1. Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, Panic attacks, OCD, mood disorders, sleep disturbances
  2. Relationship Concerns – Dating, Workplace Issues, Parenting, Challenges with in-Laws/Spouse, Difficulty with parents, Toxic Friendship
  3. Stress Management, Emotional Well-being, Personal Effectiveness, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills

Couple’s Therapy

Come to therapy along with your partner. Work together towards a more satisfying & supportive relationship

Work with us here

  1. Pre-marital counselling
  2. Conflict Management
  3. Relationship with in-laws
  4. Break-ups / Divorce considerations

Group Support

Join a group activity. Get a sense of community while you work on your personal-wellbeing

Work with us here

    1. Mindfulness/Meditation Groups
    2. Listening Circles
    3. Journaling Circles


Join a workshop and learn something new. Good Mental Health requires ongoing care and nourishment

Work with us here

      1. New topics announced every month

500 +

Happy Clients

550 +

Therapy Hours

9 +

Years of Experience

40 +

Workshops Delivered

“Thanks Chaitra, the session was very helpful. I am feeling much better now. I think I will be able to handle the issue effectively. Also my panic attacks have almost stopped and I am able to sleep well. Definitely will recommend you to anyone looking for a counsellor.”

”Highly recommend Chaitra. Session was better than expected and most helpful. She knows how to connect with her clients and suggest the right solutions”

“Chaitra is friendly and approachable. She listened to the issues patiently and suggested practical tips to handle all. She connected well and felt genuine in addressing the solutions which was comforting.”

“It was my first experience  visiting a counsellor. But it was worth it. Felt so much better after the session.”