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Our Offerings

Face to Face Counselling

Meet us for a 1-1 discussion regarding any personal challenges. We do individual as well as couple sessions.

Video Counselling

Want to speak with us, but have travel or time constraints? No problem, let’s fix up a Video session at your convenience.

Interactive Workshops

We facilitate interactive workshops on topics related to metal health, personal growth and emotional well-being. Email us with your requirement.


Face to Face

Individual Counselling (Temporarily discontinued due to Covid-19)

1499/ Hour

Each session is for a fixed duration of one hour

Fee has to be paid in advance for booking the 1st session. Subsequent sessions will be post paid.

Due to Covid-19 face to face sessions are discontinued indefinitely

Video Call

Individual Counselling

1499/ Hour

Each session is for a fixed duration of one hour

All sessions are pre-paid at the time of booking

Session will take place via Zoom (We use the pro plan with HIPAA compliance)

Cancellation policy – 100% fee applicable for cancellation/reschedule/no show without 24 hour notice

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Frequently Asked Questions


Quick answers to your frequent questions

What are the issues you DO NOT help with?

We do not work with –

  • Drug/ alcohol addiction
  • Male sexual problems/Fetish
  • Parenting concerns for young children
  • Couple counselling
  • We also do not offer play therapy or child counselling


How do I know if I need counselling?

Counselling is for everyone. It is helpful for people experiencing ‘normal’ life issues as well as those with mental health conditions. If you have been struggling with any challenge for a while and feeling stuck, then it could be a good time to meet a counsellor

Someone I know needs counselling, but they are not ready to meet you. How can I convince them?

Counselling works best when it is voluntary. If someone is not willing, you could educate them about the benefits of counselling and clarify misunderstanding / doubts if any. Suggest that they go for one session and then decide whether to continue or not. If they are still resistant, then it would be best to wait till they change their minds.

How fast can I expect changes to happen in my life?

How fast you see changes, depends on well you implement the suggestions given by counselor. Counselling is a collaborative process, the session will give you a guideline, but the real work has to done by you in your daily life

What is my role as a counselee?

Counselling would be most effective if you as the counselee, have a clear goal in mind about what you want to achieve from therapy (even if it is as simple as wanting a space to vent your feelings). It is also important that you attend all sessions as planned and complete the homework assignments given to you at the end of each session.

I feel suicidal, what should I do?

Immediately get in touch with a friend or family member and ask for support. Also call a 24/7 suicide helpline (google it) and talk to the professional. If you wish to seek therapy with us, let us know when you call, we will try to give you a priority slot.

Do you prescribe medication?

No, we do not. Only Psychiatrists are authorized to prescribe medication. If we feel that you would benefit from taking medication, we will refer you to the appropriate doctor.

How many sessions do I need to come for?

This depends upon the issue, severity and client’s readiness to change. Hence there is no standard answer as it varies from person to person.

What languages do you counsult in?

We are most comfortable in English, but can also converse in Kannada & Hindi

What are your terms of confidentiality?

Everything you share with us will be kept strictly confidential. We would only break confidentiality, if we feel there is a risk to self or others.

What’s the process to book an appointment?

It’s simple, book online directly through the link available on the contact page of this website. Or just give us a call on 9606810606. We will understand your requirement and block a slot for you at a mutually convenient time.

I want to take your services, but I don’t reside in Bangalore.

No problem, we can do a Skype video call.

What are the appointment timings?

We have fixed appointment slots – 9:00 AM 10:30 AM, 12:00 Noon, 3:00 PM & 4:30 PM. We work on all days of the week, except Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Whats the average wait time?

You might have to wait between zero to 15 minutes if you have booked a face to face session.

Is parking available at your office?

Yes, there is parking available for both 2 Wheeler and 4 wheeler.

Can you give me a landmark to your office?

We are located bang on the 100 feet ring road (15th Cross), opposite to ‘The Pump House’ and close to ‘Nandini’ hotel and ‘Mc Donalds’

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept cash, Paytm and Google Pay & Bank Transfer. Credit/Debit cards are not accepted

What is the fee for overseas clients?

If you are transferring the fee from within India, the charges are the same i.e Rs 1299. If the transfer is from an oversea account, the charges will be Rs 2000. Only individual session is conduced on video call

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, 24 hour advance notice has to be given for any cancellation. Cancellation done within 24 hours of session time will be charged 100% of session fee. Request to reschedule within 24 hours or no-shows are considered as cancellation and 100% fee will be charged

What do you mean by ‘secondary location’? Do you have two offices?

No. Untangle is located inside a co-working space. Sometimes the noise levels are high due to other events being conducted in the common area. In such situations we use a nearby business center to conduct our session. When you book an appointment, you will be notified where your session will take place.