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About Untangle


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About Untangle

We are a Mental Health Organization, based in Bangalore, India.

We offer Counselling, Psychotherapy, Workshops, Support Groups and other services related to Mental Health and Well-being.

We offer both online and offline services. Offline services happen in our office in JP Nagar, Bangalore.

All our therapists are in-house counsellors.

We work with ages 15 years and above.

We are open from 10 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

You can call us on +91 9606810606 or WhatsApp us on the same number. You can also shoot us a mail at hello@untangle.co.in


Payment has to be made at the time of booking. All appointments are accepted on pre-paid basis only. If payment is not received before 48 hours of session time, appointment will be automatically cancelled.

We accept UPI, Credit and Debit Cards.

Payment has to be made at the time of booking. All appointments are accepted on pre-paid basis only.

All our services are pre-paid therefore you can pay by cash only if you are able to visit our center in advance to make the payment.

Currently our prices are fixed and we are unable to offer any discounts.

Cancellation Policy

Yes, for therapy sessions, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any changes to your appointment can be made with a 24 hour notice. If this notice is not provided, it will be considered a used session and a 100% cancellation fee will be levied. For all other group services, once the payment and registration is complete, no refund would be offered on cancellation or no-show. For cancellations made with the required notice, refund will be processed and credited to the customer's bank account within 5 - 7 working days.

When you book an appointment with us, we reserve that slot for you and turn down all other requests for the same appointment. If you are unable to make it to the session, we need at least 24 hours to fill it up. Therefore, in order to be fair to the therapist's time and yours, we have this cancellation policy in place.

We would like to have an honest and transparent relationship with all our clients and therefore do not wish to be in a position to judge which reason constitutes an 'emergency' and which does not. Therefore the cancellation fee is applicable irrespective of the reason of cancellation. Kindly consider this as your therapist's professional boundary and proceed with the registration only if you feel comfortable honoring it.

If due to any health or personal emergency, the counsellor cancels your session, you will be offered a refund or rescheduling as per your preference.


Counselling/Psychotherapy is a type of talk therapy where you speak with a trained professional who is there to listen and help you with your mental health. It is a safe space where you can share your thoughts and feelings, and work together with the therapist to understand and manage them. The therapist can help you learn new ways to cope with difficult emotions and work through any problems or challenges you may be facing. The goal is to help you feel better and improve your overall well-being.

No, therapy is for everyone. You can speak to a therapist about anything, right from regular day to day concerns to planning for your future goals. You can also use therapy as a space to just vent out your feelings and have someone listen to you without judgment and with compassion.

We would strongly recommend you to pre-book your appointment. Walk-ins will be accommodated only if there is free slot available.

We are unable to provide home visits. The client will have to come to our office for the session or take the appointment on video call.

Yes, we do not provide family therapy and child therapy. We also do not work with developmental disorders, autism, severe addictions and sexual concerns.

Our therapists have 2 - 15 years of experience.

Yes, all client information will be kept confidential and not shared with any third party.

Yes, We are LGBTQ+ affirmative. Our therapist are trained (not certified) in Queer Affirmative Counselling skills.

It varies from individual to individual as each person has their own healing curve. Your therapist will be able to help you with a roadmap after understanding your concerns post the first appointment.

The number of sessions and frequency varies depending on type of issue, intensity and client's readiness to change.

Yes, you can definitely come for only one session. However please do inform your therapist in the beginning of your appointment that you are looking for a single session therapy. This way they can prioritise your goals and focus on specific take aways for you.

Yes, our therapists are trauma informed.

Yes, Sessions are strictly confidential. However there are a few exceptions to this clause. If your therapist assesses a significant risk to your life, harm to someone else, finds you reporting illegal activity or the court demands a note, then confidentiality will be breached. The full details of this T&C will be given to you before your session and your consent will be taken before proceeding with your appointment.

Your therapist will be informing your emergency contact, which we will collect before your first appointment.

We would unfortunately be unable to register you as a client without your emergency contact. Your safety is our top priority and we will be unable to compromise on the same.

We do not conduct clinical diagnostic assessments or have rehab facilities for severe addictions or mental disorders.

No, we provide only talk therapy. We do not prescribe medication. Only psychiatrists have the rights to prescribe medication. Our therapists are trained to identify when medication is needed to support your mental health. They will make adequate referrals in such situations.

Yes, any changes to your appointment can be made with a 24 hour notice. If the 24 hour notice is not provided then 100% of session fee will be charged as cancellation fee. Reschedule and no-shows are considered as cancellations as well.

As much as we empathize, the cancellation fee would still be applicable as we would have reversed the slot for you and turned down all requests for the same appointment. We also do not want to be in a position where we are the judge of what qualifies as an emergency and what does not. Therefore irrespective of the reason for cancellation, the policy will stand. By registering with us, you agree automatically to accept the cancellation policy.

Yes, you can come as a walk-in but we cannot guarantee that an appointment will be available.

Counselling can help you cope and reduce the symptoms of most mental disorders. Along with medication, most mental illness can be managed and the person can go about their day to day functioning.

No, counselling is for everyone. We all need a non-judgemental and compassionate space where we can speak our heart out, feel understood and learn about tools for our personal growth and wellbeing. Therefore, counselling is for everyone.

Therapy works best when the client volunteers for it. You could share with your friend how therapy has helped you/someone else with similar problems. You could also share some references. However, it is best to offer a gentle nudge and not force them. Let's wait till they themselves are ready to take the first step.

If a client is under the age of 18 years, they would have to be accompanied by their parents/legal guardian for the first appointment. Confidentiality would also not be applicable for under 18 clients and their parents would have rights to the session history.

No, we do not record any sessions.

It is suggested that you contact us at least 4 days in advance in order to get your preferred slot.


It is recommended that you join at the earliest as there are limited seats available and once the limit is reached we will not be able to accept new participants.

Refunds are not applicable for group events.

We conduct groups both online and offline. Each group may have a different mode, depending on what is suitable.

By clicking on the registration link on the website or calling us on +91 9606810606 / WhatsApp us on the same number.